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Why We Love Pima Cotton

You want to keep your brand new babies as cute and comfy as possible, right? That’s why you should always choose high-quality fabrics to keep their skin safe and avoid irritation as they get used to the new world around them. Feather Baby uses only the best with our pima cotton clothing for your children. Learn more about why we love pima and why your babies will love it too! Hypoallergenic Your baby is new to this world, and their precious skin needs to be protected! Many other materials or brands use low-quality products that can irritate your child’s skin. But at Feather Baby we only use hypoallergenic pima cotton. Many babies can suffer from eczema, but our high-quality materials...

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Pima Cotton: What Makes It So Special?

Discover The Benefits Of Pima Cotton When you are looking for clothing for your newborn, you want to make sure that you are buying clothes that are soft, durable, and keep their skin comfortable at all times. Babies have very sensitive skin, and that’s why Feather Baby chooses to use high-quality pima cotton in our clothing for your children! Learn more about this wonderful fabric and shop with us today to give your kids the absolute best clothing! Finer Fibers Not all cottons or fabrics are equal (yes, we’re looking at you, bamboo)! The length of cotton fibers are known as “staples,” and pima cotton has the longest staples of all types of cotton! Standard short-staple cotton is what most...

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3 Clothing Essentials To Starting Your Journey As New Parents On The Right Foot

Keep Your Newborn Comfy And Cute! Shop Now With Feather Baby As you are starting your journey as a parent to a newborn, you will need to have plenty of clothing on hand. Your child is likely to cause a mess, and you’ll need to make sure you’re always ready for anything! You don’t want junky clothing from big box stores, and don’t waste your time with bamboo — get the essentials from Feather Baby with long-lasting, super soft pima cotton!     Play Rompers The first type of clothing you will want to have plenty of are play rompers. Keep your adorably chubby newborn happy with play rompers made of pima cotton that will keep them comfy all day...

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