Why We Love Pima Cotton

You want to keep your brand new babies as cute and comfy as possible, right? That’s why you should always choose high-quality fabrics to keep their skin safe and avoid irritation as they get used to the new world around them. Feather Baby uses only the best with our pima cotton clothing for your children. Learn more about why we love pima and why your babies will love it too!

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Your baby is new to this world, and their precious skin needs to be protected! Many other materials or brands use low-quality products that can irritate your child’s skin. But at Feather Baby we only use hypoallergenic pima cotton. Many babies can suffer from eczema, but our high-quality materials are able to reduce the risk of dry, itchy skin for your children.

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Sensitive To Body Temp

Your baby’s skin isn’t just sensitive to the clothing you put on them, but it’s also sensitive to the air and temperatures around them. Since they’re not able to communicate when they’re too hot or too cold yet, your baby might be left with no option but to holler at the top of their lungs! But pima cotton is sensitive to body temperatures, holding in warmth when it gets cold and wicking away moisture when it gets hot. Keep your adorable little babies comfy all day and all night with onesies or jammies from Feather Baby!

a cute baby with a headband

Supremely Soft

Many fabrics (like bamboo) claim to have the corner on the softness market, but pima cotton has them all beat! The extra long fibers in pima cotton make for soft clothes that will always keep your kiddos comfy. You’ll probably even wish that you had your own set of comfy pima cotton clothes when you’re snuggling your baby.

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Ultra Durable

Babie are hard on clothes! They wiggle around, crawl about, and roll all over the place. This can lead to pilling or wearing through on low-quality cotton, bamboo, or other fabrics, but not in pima cotton! Because of the long fibers in pima, it is very durable and not as prone to pilling as traditional fabrics. If you hang onto your baby’s clothes, you may even be able to see your grandbabies wear them someday!

 Not only is pima cotton soft, but it’s ultra durable! It has reduced pilling and it will be able to handle whatever your baby throws at it (literally)!

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