When Sude Dellinger Peta became pregnant with triplets in 2004, she knew her life was going to change. But even she couldn't have predicted the incredible new direction it was about to take.

After being raised in Alabama, Sude moved to New York City as a young woman where she launched a successful career in music and married her husband, Joe. When she found herself tiring of her job's brutal pace and constant travel, she seized the opportunity to pursue her lifelong passion for fashion. She ended up opening her first—and then several—fashionable women's boutiques in Manhattan. It was the experience, along with the arrival of her triplets, Milly, Sabine, and Jack, that ultimately led her to the idea for Feather Baby.

Inspired by the love of a mother for her children, Sude threw herself into designing and developing a bold new concept: modern prints on classic layette. Partnering with Joe and collaborating with a hand-selected manufacturer in Peru, Sude worked tirelessly to seek out the finest craftsmanship and source the softest, most luxurious Pima cotton. Her unique combination of business knowledge and impeccable style pushed the fledgling company to new heights. In 2007, she and Joe decided to move to Lima with their 18-month-old triplets in tow.

It was, without question, an adventurous move. But it was the right one for their family—and for their business. Living in Peru allowed Sude and Joe to work directly with factories and screen printers as a way to learn more about cotton farming and artisanal printing, while insisting upon the highest quality.

From the beginning, they employed only ethical and all-natural practices. They are proud to have built up a network of independent, family-owned companies that source everything locally, while upholding Father Baby's rigorous standards and relentless attention to detail.

Now, with a home in Atlanta, teen-aged triplets, a flagship retail store, and products distributed in 500 independent boutiques nationwide, Sude and Joe continue to inspire the entire team at Feather Baby with both their vision and their dedication. Made from custom-knit Pima cotton, each heirloom-quality piece is deliciously soft—yet durable enough to be handed down to daughters, sisters, and friends. Today, Sude remains passionate about designing each new collection and loves offering an exciting range of fresh prints every season.

All of us at Feather Baby recognize that for a new mother, having a child is the chance to not only begin a new life, but to also create a perfect little world. We understand the desire to provide your baby with only the absolute best, and we know how special it is to see your little one wearing something you utterly adore; something that reflects your profound love and overwhelming joy; something that's forever pure. Forever sweet. Forever soft.

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