Our Fabrics

Single-Knit Jersey

Feather Baby's single-knit jersey is incredibly soft and lightweight, perfect against a baby's delicate skin. This is our lightest fabric, and because it can stretch in all four directions—left to right, and up and down—it feels amazingly comfortable and drapes beautifully.

In fact, this jersey and feels a lot like your favorite soft t-shirt. That's because Feather Baby uses a single-knit jersey with one flatter, smoother side, while the opposite side shows a bit more texture on the surface. Compared to the smooth outside, the inside is still incredibly soft. The difference to the hand is very subtle on fabric made from such fine threads. On solid white, single-knit jersey can be just a bitsee-through, like that same, well-loved T-shirt. But our cute prints make it less so.

Since we use only Pima cotton, which has much longer fibers than standard cotton, our jersey is both extremely soft and extremely strong. This means that it lasts longer and pills less. Our jersey is preshrunk through a carefully controlled process in order to minimize shrinkage once you buy it. We also put our single-knit jersey through a special machine to control twisting, resulting in a high-quality fabric with an even smoother and more luxurious feel.

Feather Baby uses single-knit jersey for most of our bubbles and many of our rompers, especially the styles featuring short sleeves and short pants. Our commitment to quality ensures that each of our items holds up better and lasts longer than other brands, washing well and only getting softer with time.

Interlock Jersey

Our interlock jersey, also known as double-knit jersey, is more substantial than or single-knit, though still quite light overall. Created from two single jerseys knitted together, it boasts a flat, smooth surface on both sides, and is actually the most popular fabric in the Feather Baby collection.

Its smooth inner surface is wonderfully comfortable, while the smooth outer surface allows for clear, vibrant prints. Because it is stretchy than single-knit jersey, our interlock also keeps its shape better, boucing back to its orginally size with less drooping and sagging.

About the thickness of a high-end polo shirt, our interlock is preshrunk through a carefully controlled process in order to minimize shrinkage once you buy it. And, since it's made from the same high-quality Pima cotton as our other fabrics, Feather baby's interlock jersey is just as soft and durable as you'd expect.

All of these qualities mean that our interlock is extremely versatile, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of baby clothes. At Feather Baby, we make all of our footies and many of our full-length, coverall-style rompers from interlock jersey. When shopping on our website, choose Middle Weight Interlock from the drop-down menu to see the variety of styles we offer.

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