3 Clothing Essentials To Starting Your Journey As New Parents On The Right Foot

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As you are starting your journey as a parent to a newborn, you will need to have plenty of clothing on hand. Your child is likely to cause a mess, and you’ll need to make sure you’re always ready for anything! You don’t want junky clothing from big box stores, and don’t waste your time with bamboo — get the essentials from Feather Baby with long-lasting, super soft pima cotton!


baby smiling and chewing on her finger


Play Rompers

The first type of clothing you will want to have plenty of are play rompers. Keep your adorably chubby newborn happy with play rompers made of pima cotton that will keep them comfy all day long.


smiling baby wearing a headband


Formal Rompers

The next thing you will want to have for your child is a few formal rompers. We all know how cute babies are, and there is almost always an occasion to dress them up and take pictures. For girls we have a variety of styles and colors of dress rompers, and for boys we have several cute collared rompers. 


baby with a bow in her hair



The final necessity is jammies! You want to ensure that your baby is comfortable all night long. If they are wearing uncomfortable or scratchy pajamas made from low-quality cotton or bamboo, they are more likely to wake up screaming for comfort, food, or for seemingly no reason whatsoever. But don’t worry, we’ve got footie jammies that are not only adorable but super comfy for your newborns. You may even wish we made adult sizes once you feel our soft fabric!


crawling baby


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When you’re preparing for your newborn, make sure you have plenty of rompers and pajamas for every occasion with the help of Feather Baby! We only use the highest quality pima cotton in our clothes, so you and your baby will be ready to take on this new exciting journey together!

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