Pima Cotton: What Makes It So Special?

Discover The Benefits Of Pima Cotton

When you are looking for clothing for your newborn, you want to make sure that you are buying clothes that are soft, durable, and keep their skin comfortable at all times. Babies have very sensitive skin, and that’s why Feather Baby chooses to use high-quality pima cotton in our clothing for your children! Learn more about this wonderful fabric and shop with us today to give your kids the absolute best clothing!

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Finer Fibers

Not all cottons or fabrics are equal (yes, we’re looking at you, bamboo)! The length of cotton fibers are known as “staples,” and pima cotton has the longest staples of all types of cotton! Standard short-staple cotton is what most regular brands of baby clothes are made from. This subpar cotton usually has fibers about 2cm long. The finest types of fibers are found in pima cotton with extra-long-staple length at 4cm! While that may not sound like much, it’s twice as long as short-staple, sub-par cotton, and the fineness and quality makes a huge difference in each individual thread

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Less Likely To Pill

One of the biggest problems with baby clothing is that it often starts to pill after a few uses. Why waste your money on clothes that wear out and make your kids uncomfortable? With the long fibers that we talked about in pima cotton, you don’t have to worry about it. We love cute, chubby babies when they’re happy, and we want them to stay that way for you, which is why we use the most comfortable type of fabric available.

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Reduced Skin Conditions

Since babies have very sensitive skin, it is important to take note of what types of clothing they are wearing and what their skin is coming into contact with. Babies have a tendency to develop eczema at a young age, but this irritation can be reduced if they are wearing clothing that is gentle to their skin. Pima cotton’s softness can help to reduce cases of eczema and other skin conditions commonly caused by rougher types of cotton or bamboo.

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Longer Lasting

The staple length of pima cotton not only makes it feel super soft, but it also makes it much more durable! You won’t be tossing out clothing made with pima cotton after a few uses, and you can even save the clothing from Feather Baby for your grandchildren to wear someday. We know that many brands choose “premium” fabrics like bamboo, but we’re here to tell you that anything less than pima cotton is simply not worth the hassle. Shop now for pima cotton clothing from Feather Baby or get in touch with us to learn more about this miracle fabric.

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