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8 tips to guide you in your baby gift shopping

Buying a gift for a baby should be fun, not stressful. A baby will never whine about it. OK, she will whine, but for reasons entirely unrelated to your gift. After sixteen years of wrapping thousands of gifts, we have eight tips to guide you in your baby gift shopping.  Take your time to pick up the best gift for the little one. Just like with weddings, etiquette gives you a year to buy the perfect present. Unlike with weddings, though, the baby won't make passive-aggressive jokes about where her gift is every time she sees you—mainly because babies can't talk, but still. A gift card is okay for a farewell gift to a coworker to whom you only said...

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Disaster Relief - Peru

Peru has recently become a victim of what is thought to be a sign of global warming. The ocean temperature off the northern coast increased by at least 8 degrees, causing the wind patterns to change. Rains that normally blew out to sea have drenched desert towns, causing incredible flooding during the rainy season. This has devastated historic colonial towns, washing away bridges and roads. Just under a million people have lost their homes, and the government of Peru is tasked with relocating people from the Northern Coast.  I have witnessed first-hand the struggle that our Peruvian people are experiencing.  During my last visit to Lima in April, the water supply was shut off and there was no bottled water in...

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