8 tips to guide you in your baby gift shopping

Buying a gift for a baby should be fun, not stressful. A baby will never whine about it. OK, she will whine, but for reasons entirely unrelated to your gift. After sixteen years of wrapping thousands of gifts, we have eight tips to guide you in your baby gift shopping. 

  1. Take your time to pick up the best gift for the little one. Just like with weddings, etiquette gives you a year to buy the perfect present. Unlike with weddings, though, the baby won't make passive-aggressive jokes about where her gift is every time she sees you—mainly because babies can't talk, but still.

  2. A gift card is okay for a farewell gift to a coworker to whom you only said hi once during an awkward elevator ride and then started humming to avoid further conversation. When you buy a gift for a baby, you better put some meaning into it. A gift card from Target also has meaning, but is that really how you want to be remembered?

  3. Unfortunately, the baby is not yet into fashion and will wear whatever her parents want. Sadly, that means you need to guess the parent's taste, and we all know that's practically impossible. Play it safe by choosing stripes for boys and a simple floral print on white for girls. Everybody likes stripes and flowers.

  4. If you're not sure about the gender, now’s not the best time to gamble.  With the odds only 50-50 you’ll get it right, the safe play is a gender-neutral print. Earth tones are quite popular these days, and moms love them! Grandmothers, not so much. But it’s mom you’re trying to make happy this time—sorry, Grandmas!

  5. Sizing up is a well-known practice that backfires just about every time. Your gift will get stashed away, never to be seen again. Buying something the baby can wear today will make the mother smile, the baby coo, and you’ll receive a high-five from the president (although I wouldn't count on the last one). Besides, everybody deserves the instant gratification of seeing the baby on Instagram wearing the adorable outfit you just gave her.

  6. Amazon is great for buying soap and dog food, but let’s face it, their gift-wrap is lame. Clearly robots haven’t yet learned how to wrap gifts. If you are going to make an impression, try to make a good one with nice gift wrapping. It's worth a few bucks and really makes your present stand out from the rest.

  7. You don't need to be Shakespeare to write something sweet and thoughtful on the card, although it would certainly help if you were. Here’s a tip: Congratulations is always a good start. Still, if you need any ideas, write to us and we’re happy to help.

  8. A gift receipt always makes an exchange easier for busy parents. That’s why we always include one if the shipping address is different than the billing address. Even if you skip the gift wrap, we’d rather be safe than sorry.

The only thing more fun than buying for a baby is making a baby! In that spirit, let’s encourage our friends and loved ones to be fruitful and multiply.

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