Disaster Relief - Peru

Peru has recently become a victim of what is thought to be a sign of global warming. The ocean temperature off the northern coast increased by at least 8 degrees, causing the wind patterns to change. Rains that normally blew out to sea have drenched desert towns, causing incredible flooding during the rainy season. This has devastated historic colonial towns, washing away bridges and roads. Just under a million people have lost their homes, and the government of Peru is tasked with relocating people from the Northern Coast. 

I have witnessed first-hand the struggle that our Peruvian people are experiencing.  During my last visit to Lima in April, the water supply was shut off and there was no bottled water in the supermarkets. Children were home from school, and many people were unable to get to their jobs. Our team all worked 18 hour days despite the crisis, and I am always surprised by the resilience of Peruvian people. Factory workers used their breaks to pack supplies to be sent to people in crisis.

When you make a purchase from featherbaby.com this month, 5% of your purchase will be given to aid relief in Peru in coordination with our factory, which is in an area affected by the floods. As a thank you for your contribution, we will take 5% off your purchase. We truly appreciate your business, and we’re hoping to spread awareness of this disaster. Please use coupon code supportperu to receive 5% off your order. 

For more information: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/04/06/world/americas/peru-floods-mudslides-south-america.html?_r=0

With love and respect,

Sude Dellinger Peta

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