Bow Romper - Koalas on White
Bow Romper - Koalas on White
Bow Romper - Koalas on White
Bow Romper - Koalas on White-[Designer]-[Free Shipping]-[Soft Pima Cotton]-[Shower Gift]-Feather Baby

Bow Romper - Koalas on White

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It’s no secret that your cuddly kid acts like a baby koala, clinging to your hip (and sometimes your leg) with a surprisingly strong grip. These soft gray and white koalas perch onto their branches, eager to grab onto their next helping of yummy eucalyptus leaves.

The long-sleeved Bow Romper is a Feather Baby classic: fluttery sleeves, elastic neckline/cuffs for comfortable wear, and medium-weight weave that gives it softness inside and out. Its sweet, decorative bow is a finishing touch to an already darling outfit! Snaps are along the inseam.

Handcrafted in Peru.

Forever Soft Pima Cotton.

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Claire K.
Soft, Cute and Perfect

Feather Baby has become my absolute favorite baby clothes ever! They are so soft and fit perfectly! I love this romper so much!

Adrianna M.M.
Dora on white

Giving 4 stars only because the bow is close to my babies mouth and she is easily able to put in her mouth witch she has been doing.

Helena J.

I have been getting feather baby for years! The best!!!!!! Thank you!!!!

Susan B.
Totally adorable!

So soft and such a cute print!!

Kimberly Z.
Otter romper

This is the cutest print and style! Well made and very soft and sweet!